Children Separated at Border

Separated – Inside an American Tragedy

The book ‘Separated – Inside an American Tragedy’ written by Jacob Soboroff was just released today.  The policy of separating children from their families became public in June 2018, but had been going on secretly for several months before.  The devastating impact on the  families who came to the US seeking asylum and the trauma endured by the infants, toddlers, children and teens who were forcibly taken from their parents and the first hand accounts of what he witnessed are chilling. The humanitarian crisis at the southern border is ongoing.

A federal judge has recently ordered ICE to release detained migrant children due to COVID, but failed to include the families in the order.  Families Belong Together is spearheading the effort of pushing ICE to release families together instead of just releasing the children. 

The book also identifies and exposes those in leadership positions responsible for carrying out the policy and taking care of the children in custody. 

Above is a clip from the July 7, 2020 Rachel Maddow, MSNBC episode “Trump Family Separation Figures Move To Botched COVID-19 Response” 

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