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United Africa

United Africa

When I think of the acres of African colossal cocoa,I get worried why among continents, we still kowtow.When I think of African ubiquitous universitiesthen I question their production of degrees of young societal liabilities.When I think of the vast uncultivated African lands,I become ashamed of our leaders constantly stretching begging hands.When I think of Africa and her bounteous bauxite,I get lost why poverty continues to blindfold our sight.When I think of the plethora of African degree holdersthen I ask why we have been unable to find the developmental key holders?I weep when I think of Africa and her countless needywhose destinies have been thwarted by the political greedy.When I think of my second nationality, Nigeria and her vast resourcesI feel sad that her children continue to kneel under poverty crossesWhen I think of mother Ghana, with her natural mineralsI feel sorry her children continue as poor withered petals

When I think of war-torn Libya will vast oilam agonized by the human blood wetting her soil.

I moan when I think of our brothers in Togo who are suffering under power-drunk political logo 

but we shall never give up to her, cause she is our motherland and that’s where we originated from, we are the ones to make it a better place.