Giving Tuesday

NEKASAN, along with 5 organizations also supporting asylum seekers in the state of Vermont, is gearing up for GivingTuesday2020!  Please consider offering your financial support to this collaborative, state-wide effort, on December 1st.   People who seek asylum in the United States are fleeing persecution and violence in their countries of birth, only to encounter the […]

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Fleeing Persecution – Leaving Home

  Home, by Warsan Shire (Somali Poet) no one leaves home unlesshome is the mouth of a shark. you only run for the borderwhen you see the whole cityrunning as well. your neighbors running fasterthan you, the boy you went to school withwho kissed you dizzy behindthe old tin factory isholding a gun bigger than […]

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Covid-19 Guidelines

As we welcome guests who are leaving detention centers in Texas, California and elsewhere, it is important that we follow guidelines and protocols during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Because of close quarters and notoriously unsanitary conditions in detention centers, when asylum seekers are released, precautions need to be taken to protect the safety of guests, hosts, […]

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Separated – Inside an American Tragedy

The book ‘Separated – Inside an American Tragedy’ written by Jacob Soboroff was just released today.  The policy of separating children from their families became public in June 2018, but had been going on secretly for several months before.  The devastating impact on the  families who came to the US seeking asylum and the trauma […]

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